gettoefl replies to: CCFp weekly signals (set and forget basket trading)

Update on my trades this week.

– The primary basket hit SL of -1000 pips on Thursday 24-May.

– Second basket is still active but at a big loss, -600 pips as I write this. My SL at -700 pips.

– Big losses for the week but I am still significantly ahead for the year.

Going forward, I will be using a SL of 700 pips for all baskets. Prior to this week, The lowest any basket had reached was -619 pips during Week 9. That basket eventually closed at -102 pips. Other than that week, no other basket had reached even -500 pips. So I believe that SL of 700 pips should be enough to give my baskets “breathing room”.

Otherwise, my strategy will remain the same:

1. Open real basket on Tuesday, 14:10 GMT.

2. Open VB at the same time. Trigger levels will remain the same as my first post on this thread.

I am going to do analysis of the results from my trading this year so I can calculate the % profit. Since I have not been trading the same position sizes every week and I have been changing my account size during the year, you can’t just look at the current bottom line and calculate the profit %.

I will “equalize” by assuming constant position sizes every week, 0.02 lots for the primary basket and 0.03 lots for the second basket. Then I will adjust the $ amount of profit or loss. From there we can estimate what is the adequate account size. Then the % profit can be calculated.

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