GGekkoGreed replies to: Retail Brokers and “Trading Educators”

This is a eye opening truth about the industry.

within the first 10 mins he talks about fake traders and how they trick people to think that you can make profit from retail trading.

Its what got me ,years ago,forums and online traders boasting how many pips you can make. I fell for the trap. 99.9 of these are fake,and the agenda is to draw mugs for the brokers or ego boost or mental illness

For example we got a trader from Greece here,who claims to make 3 percent per day.His thread is a decade old and still posts. I found out he was fake.

Everyone here, believes in him. Its amazes me,how stupid people are.It shows the power of the herd and mind control. Very similar to politics.

Look at some of the legends on this forum who turned out to be fake. Like James16 and Jacko,and many more. The money is in brokers and education.

They have an agenda.

Very shady industry.

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