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Hi CNTrader, Great thread and charts! Coming from the thread of mr Pip and trying to expand my horizon. Just one question: What does your day look like, because i see you are trading almost every timeframe out there. Do you use alerts and enter from your phone? And how do you manage to keep al your thoughts sorted on almost 16 pairs.

Just one question? There is actually 3 in there

1) What does your day look like

2) Do you use alerts and enter from your phone?

3) And how do you manage to keep all your thoughts sorted on almost 16 pairs.

This post will answer all 3.…0#post10894200


Hi CNTrader, can you please share your harmonic indicator and template…. I would be very grateful. Did you draw rectangles by yourself? Greetings

Please read the post above and this one as well before replying to thread or asking me any questions like these or the ones addressed in these posts.

This goes for everyone. Not trying to be rude or unkind but could you imagine what life for me would be like if I answered questions like these for everyone? Just ponder on that for a moment. I just don’t have the time but most importantly I have no desire. For crying out loud this response took a ridiculous amount of my time that I can never get back. In the future when someone asks me a question that can be answered by one of these 3 posts and it goes unanswered well then now you will know why. I apologize upfront if that hurts your feelings or ego. If it does then I would recommend people not be so sensitive.


{quote} First page. Or watch videos. {quote}

To my brothah from anothah muthah!! Thank you old friend. Good looking out

Enjoy, have fun, trade your plan, make a great day, do your own due diligence and may we all make bank! Game changing Bank!! The kind of Bank that makes you just Think and Grow!!

Don’t follow me! You can and most likely will LOSE all your money!!!!

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