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{quote} Missed the trade overnight but I see I´m not the only one. Even thought my thinking/analysis was with this upward move, I still might not have taken it [as Ata says, a steep trendline is not the best trendline break to trade] and I think I would have been waiting… waiting for the trendline break, which happened, a move to 1.1600, which happened as well and then a test lower towards 1.1590 before breaking out. And of course, this last piece didn´t happen, it didn´t play out this way. Once it left the 1.1582 lvl it just kept moving up, so…

When you see market keeps moving up on the timeframe you are watching and you can’t get in because no pullback occurs then I have one solution for you. Again.. I give it away for free.. lol

Assuming a bull trend started quick.. you can’t get in.. Now, step down 1 or 2 lower timeframes.. Let’s say H1… then go to M15 first.. if you feel like it still won’t do and candles are still bullish, because every trend has it’s own momentum, then step down to but M5 will be better.. Now chase a bear candle..

A) You notice one that has already formed and price is above it.. mark it’s low and wait price to come back to it and once it does enter long.. You still might face drawdown but that is the best price you could get in a speedy rally.

B) You still can’t see a red candle. Wait until one forms and wait until next candles start fully opening and closing above it and then apply step A)

Try it and thank me later (assuming you understood correctly)

Stay Green

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