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{quote} Hi forexsaint! I consider you one of the forexfactory greats! What was the outcome with you and fxpro? I was considering switching with them until i came to this thread! Are you still using them or do you think I should continue my search?


Well, as for outcome, it is still on going.
1. After more than 60 days, they have accepted their mistake this time(via phone call (have the proofs)) and thus reimbursed me the trade losses amounting to a thousand USD or so. But their CCRO was funny and unhappy at same time that i am posting my problem here and wanted me to delete these posts. When i declined anyway (given no one attended/replied to them or to many of my emails or phone calls) she requested me to confirm/acknowledge the reimbursal here on forexfactory. I said sure, but ask your staff at forexfactory (Like Lianna@Fxpro and FxproGlobal) to at least acknowledge the issue goin on for weeks. She said “ok” but nothing happened (Knock, knock. Who is this? ‘Ego’ & ‘push under rug’). Anyway

2. I was travelling and now after couple of weeks, Fxpro via its Chief Customer Relationship Officer, Elsy Rayess, is threatening to close down my accounts . This is after i requested them to call me to discuss the issue. They never called and now have given me a deadline of less than a week

3. They are calling me a “Criminal” after ~8 years of trading(though off and on) and after multiple apologies from them on the same

4. In one of the ‘rare’ replies i got via email, their non-courteous Head of Customer Support, Lianna Rumsey (who hides behind silence, as many users have informed here and ForexPeaceArmy itself(see attachment)) said that part of my name triggered a “Criminal” list they maintain. In past, at least 3 times, they blocked deposits/withdrawals/other actions on my account on the days i became a “Criminal” and then fixed it thereafter when i asked some clear questions and then apologized too, via different email address (clever re-routing) thus me becoming a non-“criminal”.
I was a ‘Criminal’ only on alternate weeks/months

5. They are asking for more and more documents now like Criminal record clearance, Interpol clearance, Solar-System-Inmate clearance & Universe-Alien-Society clearance

6. And this is even after the fact that they have in past, over years, already demanded and accepted more than 10 government issued documents of mine incl. passport, drivers licence, ssn, multiple utility bills, credit card scans, debit card scans, bank account details, etc.
I fear if they are into some ID data mining business OR may be it is an arm-twisting modus operandus to freeze accounts of traders ?

I am bit worried now because tomorrow while trading some strategy with large number of live trades on, which i do often, they might ask for documental proof on what i eat, size of my clothes, registration details of my vehicle (& may be even my neighbour) and thus temporarily block/freeze my deposits/withdrawals/trading & cause unnecessary harassment & waste of time.

Let us see how they reply to latest emails where i offered them possiblity of 1 last government issued document as final resort for this continuous harassment
Lets WnW

P.S. Just in case anyone missed long posts in between the 1 liners from new-members(or alternative accounts), read post 1150 & 1159 & 1160 )

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