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{quote} Great to hear. Can you share which pairs you trade the most? And have most success with?

Just for the record, these are the pairs I have HOLO set up on just now (in no particular order):

DAX, EU, GU, UC, GJ, CJ, AU, S&P, UJ, EJ, AJ, NU, EA, AC, UDkk, GN, UMxn, UNok, Crude, $-Index, Gold and EG.

In reality, this means nothing, simply that at one time recently, I have been scanning charts in a quiet period and noticed that there was a shape that looked promising, so dropped HOLO onto it. I am afraid that I don’t keep detailed track of what individual methods brought in what returns. I am not that motivated. So long as I end the day greened up, I don’t really care.

If something was to hit a losing run, I’d be aware soon enough.

As far as I remember, I found that the list TS posted a while ago matched my own experience, so that would be UJ, EJ and UC.

When they range, GU and EU work well – but then again, that could be said about any of them.

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