hesameddin replies to: I really need a psychological mentor, A true successful trader

Hello traders

This is my first time writing in any forex forums after 4 years of full time trading .

I know enough of technical analysis ( nobody can say he knows it all ) and I am a swing technical trader .

My strategy is based on Supply and demand zones and candlestick patterns . Trading only major pairs .

In backtesting and even real small accounts ( like 100$ ) I can potentially grow the money to 100% over some months

I know I can do this and this is Doable and I trust my strategy as well ( because I have done this in real small accounts)

My money management plan is to put 10% in every trade ( I know some of you will say this is too much but trust me I know I can double the account with this money management over some months. I have done it several times )

I cut some losses even before the full stop loss , when the price tells me I am wrong I can cut loss before the full stop loss ( of course in this case I will cut some trades with loss and then price goes into profit . It sometimes happens but in long term this is very useful for me and I have grown 100$ account several times with this method )

But when I go to some bigger account ( like 900 $ ) I really cant do well . ( I know this is not called a big account but unfortunately this is all I have right now )

I know my problem is psychological and I have read some books for it ( like trading in the zone from RIP M.Douglas )

I think my problem is because of my life situation . I am not In a good situation ( Still living with my parents and still taking money from them , this is shameful for me and I want to finish this situation as soon as possible )

And of course because of this situation , right now I am not a risk person at all ( I cant lose any money because I am in need for money )

I have just opened a Pamm account and put all my money into it ( 900$ ) Hoping to find investors but like I said before I can not trade well with a little bigger money ( All I have unfortunately)

Right now I don’t have any job and any income so i’m in need for money a lot . I cant afford to lose anything

And I know how trading works , you can not expect to win in any trade . Any trade is special and unique and has a random outcome

So this is my problem Brothers …

I really need a successful mentor , my problem is deep . it cant just be fixed with reading books , I need someone who is already a true successful trader , a real milionar trader or maybe someone who is living from forex for years ( not someone who is just in a winning streak and is in the good psychological zone ) ( I have been there too )

I need a help of a Brother who remembers his young ages of trading and want to really help some other trader to fix his miserable life ( I know many of them don’t even bother to come here but I hope some Brothers would somehow see my need for help )

What should I do ? Should I go out and get a job and forget forex for a while ?

Should I stick to the Pamm account and stay at home and do it anyway ? ( with this hard situation ? ) ( I have no income )

Can I really attract investors with that kind of capital I have ? ( how long does it takes to attract investors ? )

Should I change my Money management plan ? ( but it takes much longer to get 100% profit and my initial capital is not much as you know )

Should I get a job and trade together? ( of course in this case I will not trade well because I need focus on the job )

Thanks for reading these and putting your time into this .

Any advise is appreciated.

Thank you all <3

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