HiddenGap replies to: Fractal Freak’s Not So Fractal Secret


{quote} Google “define: faker” returns no results Google “define: fake” returns “a thing that is not genuine”…. ALL screenshots must be considered fake and not genuine by default unless they are certified by a notary or an independent resource. By your definition, entire ForexFactory community is a fake and I would agree Google “define: Cheater” returns “a person who acts dishonestly in order to gain an advantage”.. what advantage have CP or FF gained? to become famous? to feed their ego? there is no hard evidence they have cheated anyone yet….

a faker is, who is telling people that he know the stoporders of other traders from all brokers and dont know it. a faker is who cheats his trades. a faker is who cheats in his vidoes,…. man any part is near fakes with fractalfreak!

and funny, you cant see it, thats really funny. i know you are a beginner in trading from many posts we discussed already, but at least you should be at a medium beginner level to check such total easy things, also i know you have such a big gap in easy to know bawsics, that is sure you did not learn the basics from beginning and now get often problems because of this… but this topic we had already when you talked about extrem basics and did not know … so no reason again.
but its same that you dont know how fractalfreak fakes, he is one of the most easy to see fakers.

looks like helping you is often useless, you dont like to learn basics, and with so many missed basics you dont understand many parts and you have to believe fakers very often.

what ever, i wish you a nice weekend.

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