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I decided to start this thread because I was trying to find an indicator that I really need for may strategy and because that are such a lot of thread opens with a lot of noise interrupting the purpose of opening that thread. So I was thinking to eliminate the noise, to have here so simply rules,and to stik to them like the rules we applie in our strategy of training : Rule nr 1: -before posting here look in this thread to see if the indicator you are looking for isan’t here already,so we can avoid to be post the same indicator twice or…

It is my belief that most forum members have no idea of the vast resources available to them as a member of the MQL5 Community

Did you even sign up as a member when installing MT4?

If so, you may be familiar with the website as it will open as MT4 is installed.

Any indicator found at MQL5.com, both paid and free are available from within MT4, much easier to install that way also.

First the Codebase tab found along the bottom row, I usually sort by clicking on the Name column.

To Download, just select the indicator and press “D” or right click and choose Download.

The install is automatic, you will find a new folder in Indicators called Download.

For example, in Post number 2, about the remaining time, B-clock spread is very useful. You do need some idea what to look for, Bar Timer and Candle Timer also there, but usually can scroll down and read the descriptions quickly. See the picture below.

Second, the Market tab holds thousands of FREE indicators, use the dropdown menu to filter and the search function to find your heart’s desire!

Click on your selection to get in depth information, screenshots and reviews.

Again, there will be another folder, Market, under the Indicators

Good luck all.


I need an indicator that show the time till the bar is closing on any time frames. Many thanks !!

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