hyuidnai replies to: The only thread you will ever need: FX Exposed!

“FF, please respond”

Ok listen.

What I have done here, is SHOWING YOU THE REAL MECHANICS of the FX market and I how I traded these over a long time period.

I have then even MADE NICE VIDEOS for you to understand HOW.

I have then proven again with posting live shots.

I have then answered many questions.

I have NOT asked for ANYTHING.

And what have I received in return??

– personal attacks
– unfounded accusations of all sorts
– requestes for more and more
– ppl breaking the RULES repeatedly
– ppl expecting me to be there for them around the clock

YES, when things got too ridiculous, with the three banned members going over the line (i.e. racist jokes),
many ppl. here showed support, and I am very thankful for that.

But soon, I need to make a decision how to proceed here.
I will let you know.

To the ones who understood, you are WELCOME and always will be.

To the ignorant ones, PEARLS to SWINE.


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