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Well I am back!..well not quite

From a while back I shared that I had to pause trading a bit to get my finances together to get a house for my family. In addition to putting money down, I had to put more money for few renovations. AND on top of that, I’m also renovating a condo that I have back in Chicago that I’m planning to sell once and for all.

So I pretty much have drained my profits to pay for this shit and then some. Still got a few things to do around this house, and I’m also waiting on for this condo to sell until I get back to the grind of trading. Hopefully that sells soon. Otherwise I have to start hooking on the streets or even worse, sell trading courses (for only $499 I will show you how to trade like a deranged maniac).

Once the condo sale clears, I basically will come back to futures trading (NQ bitches). Until that time, I’ve just been demo trading and keeping up with the updates here. Same ol shit..but few surprises here and there…

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