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Guys you have the stats on how much pips and candles last the 200 cycle. With this data and rest you can build and tweak a strategy how you see appropriate. Just my two cents. Cheers.

MY two cents…. one must not look at abstract stats (like look at x number of candles to determine trade performance etc and then tweak the strategy to optimize it). If you do that, there is simply no connection with a “static” past candles versus a living and breathing organic environment when you open the darn trade. One must look at the “environmental” parameters that have the potential of impacting your trade outcome and only then look at your trade history to conduct post-trade analysis of hard data that is generated from your own strategy. This sh*it is important. We all tend to focus too much on price. There is a LOT that happens outside of price.

I posted this for a specific reason to come to this thread and demonstrate how important it is to do your own trade analysis. This thread is giving me further pointers to look into my losers and how to cut my losers BEFORE friday close. I will admit, I don’t fully grasp the power of MAE and MFE analysis as I only focus on entry and exit % accuracy. I also feel these have to be done in near-real time as trade stats are being developed to adjust in real time…. the power of turning what SIS is sharing into ML/AI is TREMENDOUS !!! All the stuff I have read on FF regarding ML/NeuralNetworks are shit compared to just doing this analysis in real time. I just need a good coder to get this all automated as my skills are a bit limited to what I can do :-

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