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{quote} Ok you have a valid point, would you like to explain where you place your market orders for your entry’s and exit?

Visualize this for me please. I don’t look at charts. I don’t care about price. I don’t look at history. I don’t care about price levels. I don’t care about market conditions. I don’t care if market is ranging or trending or consolidation or accumulation or whatever and consider Trend is my ONLY friend and consider markets are trending 100% of the time every minute of every hour or every day or every week…. From start of each week to the e d of each week. I also consider entry to become invalid at the very next tick because of that using price for exits is a fallacy. I also consider it impossible to analyse price setups as there are 450K variables that can affect closing price of each M1 candle across all 28 pairs (85million in just one month!) Price Action Analysis is simply Not possible without a super computer at our desk. That is why quants and algos at banks win and we loose consistently.

Knowing the above, how would you enter?

Edit: I don’t want to take over this thread but I am OCD. If you respond I will continue to respond and that is my weakness and primary reason why I want to leave this godforsaken forum ! My mind cannot stop thinking about this shit 🙁

Edit2: If you still are wondering, there is no “where” in my equation. There is only “when” which is why I call my strategy “TIME ACTION TRADING” based on the principle discoveries tied to “MARKET IS UNIVERSAL AND NEUTRAL” philosophy.

Edit3: OCD is kicking in…it might appear like I am some math geek or quant. Quite the opposite. I do not use any math or fancy equations or formula. I measure nothing that is based on Price and everything moves because of price. Measuring something on a variable will always result in a variable and therefore affecting my consistency!

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