Ill-b-back replies to: Who influenced/inspired you the most in your trading?


{quote} What the F is wrong with you…. How can anyone be jealous of someone who trades little micro lots and still goes to work…. Jeez this place gets worse. The average I.Q in this forum is less then 50. Who influenced/inspired you the most in your trading? And you say Davit….. His system might be O.K… Yes, I said it but it’s the person…. A mega poster and wanting the followers and the likes…. Blocks anyone who questions anything.. Then goes to work..

Because he shows more than any of you guys do in terms of how he trades, and his results.
You conveniently decide to focus on his micro lot trade sizes and ignore the fact he makes many of these cumulative micro lot size trade entries for each trading decision,which together, add up to larger positions.

You also conveniently ignore that he made $9000 last month, which is $9000 more than any of you lot have shown.

I get it, you don’t like the way he manages his thread, he kicked out your friend VEEFX ( a little harshly I agree), and now his butt hurts and he’s still emotional about it.
He really should man up and just get over it by now though.

You say he only shows winners. In terms of individual trade outcomes, it seems true, he does.
But he shows that he takes losses in his statement results.

Why does this bother you? hmmm…..

Someone should tell VEEFX (and others) they shouldn’t say things when they are upset or angry, because we say the most ridiculous things when we are emotional. Didn’t his mum ever tell him that?

All these presumptions about Davit, his results, his art etc…..

You guys don’t know how childish and ridiculous you all sound in your thread. It’s like reading the verbal outrage of a 12 year old….

And you talk about love and peace???? Please, don’t make me laugh, I’ve never read such vindictive garbage before as what I see you guys type about Davit.

Don’t chase profits, let them sneak up on you…

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