Intrepidpips replies to: Renko channel + Fast EMA = simple and profitable

Hello Guys, I am looking for an EA with following simple rules.

Variable (Default Value)

Lot Size

Buy & Sell
Buy Only
Sell Only

Trading Time Zones
USA & London
USA Only
24 Hours

Maximum Trades per pair
1 (If a trade is already open for a pair, it should NOT open another one.)
2 (2 trades (one buy and one sell) could be open. For example, if entry mode is 2nd bar and exit mode is 3rd bar. EA opened a sell entry after completion of 2 red bars then market reversed and 3 blue bars appeared. EA should open another buy trade at the completion of 2nd blue bar and should close sell at the completion of the 3rd bar.)

1st Bar (At the completion of 1st Bar)
2nd Bar (At the completion of 2nd Bar)
Blue/Orange Dot (EA should open buy entry once blue dot with bar completed and sell entry once orange dot with bar completed.)

1st Bar (At the completion of 1st Bar of opposite color)
2nd Bar (At the completion of 2nd Bar of opposite color)
3rd Bar (At the completion of 3rd Bar of opposite color)
Exit Manually (Don’t let EA close the trade)

EMA Value
30 (It could be changed to any particular value)
EMA Filter
On (Once on, it should open only Sell Trades below EMA and Buy Trades above EMA as per above set rules. For example, if entry is selected at the completion of 2nd bar and 2nd bar completed just above/below EMA then it should open a trade.)

Renko Street Trend Filter
On (Whatever entry method selected above, it should get confirmation from Renko Street color before opening trade. Green for Buy, Red for sell.)

Take Profit 1000 Points (100 Pips)
Stop Loss 0 Points

Buy Stop Enter Price Buy above given price (EA Should not buy below given price)
Sell Stop Enter Price Sell below given price (EA Should not sell above given price)

In case, we make changes in setting of EA or we close the EA, it should not close already open trades.
Please see attached files for further details. Let me know in case of any query. Thanks

Martingale/Grid/Hedge Lover

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