Intrepidpips replies to: What does a horizontal line represent?

From what I understand, horizontal lines connect to previous highs and lows of completed trades, so they mean absolutely nothing. But, 95% of losing traders will tell you otherwise, lol. The next trade will not repeat the last trade, ever, so I wouldn’t bother with them if I were you. It’s like the number board on the roulette table, lol. Since each spin is a random event, it means nothing. Same in trading, hence the statement, “Past performance is not indicative of future results”. How could it be? Different traders, different lot sizes, different news, different reasons for entering/exiting. Leave the lines for the massively popular losing technique that normal everyday people do because they see it on TV and in movies. Bankers and market makers push this style of trading in order to control behavior, (brainwashing), so they know where to steal retail traders’ money. Line ’em up in a row and mow ’em down.

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