iqbal4142 replies to: Only Gold!


We are getting close to reducing the overall DD near 10% instead of maximum specified 20%. The signal is ready to copy for $21 per month. Let you money grow steadily, subscribe to my copy trade service. Here is the link :

you start now posting your bullshit in many threads.

you are the loser like before. your drawdown last month was already near 15%, so near your maximum to close all. who are you that you dont see your own bullshit??

you killed many accounts already, all of your accounts was killed what you tried with martingale, all client accounts was killed. you reopen then new strategy and start again and hide that you killed all money before again and again.

always same with you. loser and thief and scammer! you have done this now how many times? 5,6?

noone subscribes to you, because you are this liar, scammer, thief, loser like all told you and you showed over many month here with always restarting and losing again. then you promote, kill account, restart. noone trusts your bullshit system, noone will buy it for your 50000.

and whats funny, you told all people here how many client already trade your super system, funny that you see now that not even 1 is doing your signal system, so you had not one client left after killing all their accounts. but you try it again and again to kill other people money and earn same time.

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