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=Isabella_D;11343801]=TudorIoan;11343388]My Intraday Outlook. (ahead London) Thank you for your daily careful analysis. my Swing outlook 1. 1.1638 2. 1.1440 3. 1.1620 4. 1.1500 5. 1.19++ 6. 1.1400 So it is jacket like pants what you trade between 1.1600 and 1.1500

I’m not sure I understand what you mean
Wide targets are important only if you buy bananas for your monkey only with pips not money

A scalper can make $100 trading 10 pips with 1 Lot, while a swinger need to “run” 100 pips with 0.1 Lot for the same money…
Is all about the risk percentage from your account size, trading style, trading costs… is not about target size !

Intraday trading is no jacking-off, honey

Anyway, nice swing view, thanks!

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