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{quote} You said, and I quote,”Having said that: OANDA IS A BUCKET SHOP, they have very high spreads, they spike massively on news, they spike massively on rollover, and if you want to trade the Assian Session, the spread is close to double the London N. York session. Can you imagine scalping the Aussie dollar with an 8 pip spread? Well that´s OANDA.” Did I miss something?

Yes you did, again, like I mentioned before!
And what I said about OANDA is simply true…I trade with them, so I know from experience…like I also said.

But I agree, the point is not to discuss brokers, I was discussing lot size and risk,cause I understand this to be important.

Btw. it is only fair from me to say, that I really appreciate your thread, and the system you presented.
Seems like you are a profitable trader, you could have just kept it to yourself.

I guess I will keep to myself, and only read in this thread, I don´t want to deviate anybody from the main objective.
All the best …

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