jack411 replies to: C-12’s Supply, Demand and PA thread


{quote} No worries, I’ve been doing this same thing over and over for years. Screentime helps. As for the trade. Open up EU on M30 and scroll left. A very nice demand zone. I was a bit cautious as DX had spiked the previous swing high but PA came in on M15. But yes, the PA opened the doors for the buys. I should have added more on the pullback, so mistakes still do happen.

Thank you kindly for the explanation. However, what made you so sure that this demand will hold? Was it just the on the M15 for the M30 zone? Potentially, you could trade all M30 demands along the way no?

Sorry for the many questions, just trying to understand since I always had trouble with this.

PS: Yes, I agree with you. Screen time and experience will definitely help. I am slowly getting there, especially with your help 🙂

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