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pips4life, Thanks for this amazing, amazing script. I use Forex Strategy Builder and trade portfolio EAs. To be able to visually see open and closed trades overlayed on a price chart helps a lot and provides great insight into how strategies are performing. I had a question. I’ve created an indicator version of your script and added 3 buttons — (a) show open trades, (b) show closed trades, (c) hide trades. I would like to share this indicator both here and also on the forexsb forum. Are you comfortable with that? I am not interested in taking credit…

First, it must be said that most of the few public scripts or indicators I’ve posted are already variations of what someone else wrote first. I learned MT4 by reading programs by others, and I know of no better way than to start with something that “works” to some degree, and then expand it to do something better, eventually far better than the original. The new features are to my credit, but of course, the original authors also deserve credit.

If you start with my code, just keep some record of the facts in the “History” inside the code, that it is a derivation of mine (and earlier authors) work, and provide URL’s back to the original thread. Add your name for what you do. Pick a major version number increase. If it’s “v1_12” from me, make yours v3_1, or anything obviously different from “v1_13” (which would be my next release or beyond, when I get to it).

For these free tools, I’ve provided the source. If it stops working, or needs more features, I may or may not do it; and I might do it and not post it, because of my own personal investment of energy, and ultimately the seemingly never-ending requests for help to install or use the programs, usually by those who never even have the courtesy to read post#1, however long/boring/but detailed as it may be. It’s too much work to service 10K noobies! I’m really done doing unlimited free how-to support. (When you find actual bugs, if certain it’s not a user error, then report them). I’ll implement features and requests that serve my own interests and need, and under no timetable. It may be months later that I read the list of requests in my threads, and if I’m already making some updates for myself, that’s the most efficient time for me to consider and add other things.

Mainly, life is busy, and I have limited time for programming. I already have so many huge projects of my own, I’ve not much time for such updates or “free” support.

You, or anyone, can post code or provide links to alternative tools (within FF rules), so long as they are ethically developed, and absolutely NONE are links to decompiled (i.e. stolen!) code.

If I like them enough, I may (eventually) adapt the code into mine (and update post #1; and give you credit), or provide them side-by-side, or… ??

What I don’t care for is anyone posting a *variation* — here or elsewhere — that uses the same original name! That adds confusion, and drags me into it, when it’s no longer my post#1 version (or a previously posted official version). I don’t know exactly the best new name to suggest, but some add a name or initials or “Mod” or something different, *possibly* the version number though that keeps changing, which is why I never do it.

Regarding P4L OrderHistory, the reason it is a script, and not an indicator, is…

#1. Because the original written by someone else was already a script, so I kept it that way.
#2. I was rather new to MT4 coding, and wouldn’t have known much better anyway. (Now I know how, but have not much need for real-time history).
#3. An indicator — if improperly written and organized — could well be a big hinder on performance if the same information is retrieved over-and-over-and-over again, with almost no value, or done too frequently. Past trades are past. Hopefully one could download them just once but depends on MT4 functions. Open trades are of interest, but are at most risk of overloading the indicator. How often are the updates done? Every tick? (A waste). Every few seconds? (better, still maybe inefficient). Every new bar? Maybe triggered by deleting-or-creating a chart object? Or an “update” button? (best idea for minimum load). (Or some combination could work well, but you get the idea).

The newer MT4 (>b600) added a whole lot of new functionality that could well be helpful to improve this script, and even make it into an indicator. I’ve not really considered it yet.

Go ahead and post your “indicator” version. Let’s see what you got.

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