Jairo replies to: Prop firms offering retail traders trading accounts -Risk free


{quote} My point is she using a prop firm you cannot lose your own money besides the monthly fee and the payouts are guaranteed with blufx and Samuel and co.


i swear i am not here to argue with you here.
you guaranteed to lose the monthly fees with your kind of prop firms. that is 100% certain, and there is a good reason also why it is up front fee!

in regards to the same model, for a quickly died off TST thread i started to go a bit into the math:

as an example,
you need to understand, that if a “prop firm” has 1000$ max loss limit before you are out…if your friend trades with 2000$ own capital ( given a 50% stopout) his risk is max 1000$ the same.
he can choose to protect himself by not holding overnight, most scalpers/short term traders dont hold. that reduce his risk.
on the upside, what he makes on his 2000$ capital is 100% his money.
of course if one cant be reasonable certain he has some fighting chance trading forex, best not to start, own money or prop money, or whatever.
time is precious, and something you cant buy back.
there is also a cost of opportunity lost.
10-25k on a good average 5% return wont pay the food you need, not to mention rent, internet, and that upfront fees…and you actually to collect 50% of it…IF…as even that has conditions….
and he has not to worry about trades being force closed before news, or by mistake holding into the no-trade time of the prop firms.
btw, why do you think they have those rules on these up front fee prop firms, and not at those where they are looking for track record of you?
up front fee “props” happy to cut you out for ‘trading rules violation’…an expensive, if a honest mistake by the trader.

i will leave you to it;
i think you made up your own mind what to believe, and not much an openness left to listen to someone who has been trading prop for months.
for a parting word, think again, if you would want to find profitable traders, would you try to do by imposing on them a monthly fee, or by looking for best track records?

happy weekend!

there is always, always another trade!!

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