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{quote} Gator, I have May’s close (GMT+3, 23:59) at 1.1692?

I have the month at 1681.8. Today’s at 1682, last month did not close on a weekend like today did. NY close + 7 I use. To me, the month has close higher then lst month with a doji candle. A doji can have wtf violent moves. the month candle is about 340 pips. One reason i have the bulls winning this battle to test near or beat 1849 in July. Another thing I have to say about dojis is, they often have very violent wtf moves. basically 1681.8 is the center of this doji. The quarter did close lower. the quarter is also the mid year close. lets not forget eu had a extremely bullish 2017 candle. It did miss the norm 1446 retrace, and it may still seek it. on the other hand, the day rejected 1553, the week rejected 1621, and now the month has rejected 1681.8. 1681.8 was closed above with a late push. It may produce a gap higher/lower Sunday. My guess is, it will gap higher over lower. I’m shooting for 1850 being tested and maybe overrun to 1.2030 the other norm. From there maybe 1446 or 3495.. I don’t want to look to far out with that doji.

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