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Hi Eugene, For a while I thought that my eyes have been deceiving me but I have noticed there is a difference in the HM output between a simple timed update and a re-initialisation of the HM. The first chart shows the HM as it was just prior to the 4HR bar close. The second chart shows the HM as it updated at the beginning of the new bar. The third chart shows the HM after I had re-initialised the HM settings. You’ll notice that there are a number of differences between the two which will affect any new trades taken (or not) If I am at the computer…

Your OK there can be a difference as when you do a manual update it uses the present data which may be different from the data that was present several hours before.

The reason I did the auto updates only on a new candle was to take it easy on the CPU and not do it on every tic.

Since I will be coming out with v3c shortly I will add a setting where you can choose what time frame candle to update on.

So on a H4 HM you could update every minute if your CPU can handle it or any of the other MT4 time frames available.

Also in v3c you will have the option to exit on the opposite HM signal, so the faster updates may be better in this case.

Thanks for the input.

More indicators = More confusion !-KIS-!

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