jemi2700 replies to: Most Accurate Indi Launch – Trial Indicator Starts Today!


{quote} well said, but note the word scam wasn’t applied to your person but your claims. Yes i took that from a screen shoot, i will mail you the source so you see for yourself.

Sorry Shrek, I read it like you were calling me a scammer like so many others have.
I would put a “?” after my title if it would let me, but it won’t let me change the thread name
It may seems scammy name, but word will get around that its not. So not too fussed. I have plenty of offers so sell indicator full version now, but im holding off for a couple months.
I put “vote what its worth to you” in the thread and placed “free” in there for shits a giggles.
I then realise, if I am selling new Play Stations, and said pay me what its worth or take it for free, what do you think would happen lol.. Besides the fact that people voted before they have even had a chance to try it.

All the best

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