JmFinancials replies to: Proven system needs 100k

Ok…so…how can you say it is a proven system if demo is less than 1 month?

Second point, a lot of trade being opened. I think that is why you need the money. The problem with system like this is it is still not proven as it is only running for 1 month and no backtest.

Honestly, the system I wanted to buy is a gridding, but backtests shows only less than $200 drawdown for 3.5 years. But what is great is it can start at $500 and looks like it just takes high probability trades so after 3.5 years balance projected $6K.

Sure, I know what everyone think – past performance not equal future result. I know that. But as an investor, I would be happy to risk $500 to get $6000 after 3.5 years compounding. I willingly even risk $5K to get $60K. So I smelled opportunity. I always follow what I smell – it always leads to something good.

I was office clerk before – lived for free in tent for years and bear the weather and eat very cheaply – sometimes catch fish in lake for free food. No TV, no radio, just phone and basic clothes. So I can save money and invest stocks. I study stocks very very deep then I buy if it looks and smells good! After 15 years of buying, holding and selling, no need work. Just travel, invest, gamble a bit, buy property, buy business, resell, trade a bit, repeat.

But, you – no saving and traders suppose to earn more than officer clerks. If you don’t earn more than office clerk, why become trader?

So for $100K with that you show – I say no. I get better dividends from proven stocks and make more money from cheap stocks. For $10K, you can buy better stocks that can pay you better than your system.

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