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M15 System – Improvements and Thoughts Below I added some thoughts and findings based on what happened today and how it could have been managed better. Self critic! The key elements are: LWMA 55 line is important and can’t be ignored. Once candles rose above I should have switched to bull mode but I didn’t. First mistake! The lowest low (circled red as LL on chart) was a guiding level once price broke through red line to the upside. Then each time it came back for retests the M15 candles never could close below this LL. Second mistake that was ignored….

Hi Ata, I just started following you and this thread, and I have to say it is very well done. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and spending time on this, which definitely helps this community to get more insight and better ideas of what professionals like you, think, do and based their decisions on. And not just that, you are simple on your trading approach and analysis, using the KISS principle straight up, which is key for investors and it is also something hard to find out there. I’ve been trading Forex on and off since 2006 and I certainly appreciate your wisdom in all your postings.

And yes, we either win or learn.

Your analysis is on point!
Thank you,

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