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{quote} Dear Juliot; I am new to trading, MT$ and everything related, but I have been reading, studing and following Wayne McDonell using these Pivots and I would love to start my trading practice with them. Where and how can I download MT$ and the latest version of the WyattsPivots v2.0 ??? is this the latest version ??? please help me out. All the best and thank you in advance !!!

Sorry if it’s not what you need. I use google translate to translate. If I have not misunderstood you want to install mt4. Here link to mt4 to download and install: https://www.metatrader4.com/en. Anyway, if you already have a broker, they usually give you a link to install mt4 and you can even request a demo account to do your tests. In Youtube there are numerous tutorials to install mt4. The last version of the indicator is that of post # 91, all the credits for Luis (OldSchoolFX) which is a great encoder. Finally, my personal recommendation never say in a forex forum that you are new, or you are starting, you have no idea, etc. .. since you can prey on many scammers who are hunting.

Greetings and success.


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