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Some final thoughts to wrap up the week with.

Although London’s Friday session was successful(traded north while 1h still moved south, exited at the top of that bull candle with the arrow pointing to it) I felt it differed from my usual MO which is to trade only in the direction of the 1h trend. Is that an efficient use of my time though? to sit and wait for the trend to kick back in. What if there are other opportunities to be had?
What should my MO have been during that long trade last night? Hit and run? take the 30-40 pips and get out? I was trading against the 1h trend. Or maybe hit and run and leave scout in with the possibility of trend ride should the market break above the white line marked on the chart(confirming reversal of down trend HL HH). Was I trying to pick a bottom(predicting,rigidity)? or just take a quick opportunity of buying into the buyers area and making a few pips (trading the dance)?

I think as I get better at reading terrain i will begin to know the answers to these questions. Learning to modify my MO to the terrain on the left side of the chart and the unfolding information on the right. More experience is needed before i know which MO’s to adopt and when, what i can and cant get away with. Obviously there are many scenarios and possibilities on how i could’ve traded that. It all comes down to “pre-planned sequences, extemporaneous responses.” Non-rigidity. If this, then what?

I’ll probably slow down on doing these long posts and start posting more trade oriented posts. Just wanted to put questions i was having here so i remember them and to document my learning process. Also, maybe other taf vets can offer their insights or point out any faulty mindset issues i may develop along the way. Or for anyone who is on the same learning path if they find this thread maybe they’ll get something out of it.

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