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Hi Teamaker Looking at the recent trades in your explorer (see attached), I don’t understand why the triggering price of sell orders is higher than buy orders. Could you explain the logic behind? I suppose, to capture the price spike at news event, a buy order is to be placed above the current price, and a sell is to be placed below the current price. Is it because of slippage and volatile spread? {image}

Hi Karven, i think you might be confused with the hedge close logic here. assume the price has a downwards break through, the sell price will be triggered. after the order reach the profit target (profit tailing), i am using another buy order to lock the profit first, then close both of them at the same time.

Using this hedge close logic has its pros and cons. it will help reduce the volatile spread risk, but also increase the cost. In the old version, i have separate version (US broker oriented) to disable that feature. now i have put disable hedge close as a default setting in all 1K or standard version.

I have just updated my own program running the test account last night (before see your feedback) and you won’t see this hedge close behavior in the future test account.


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