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History is hidden but there are many things which may give us some light how he did this.
Trading Period: Sep 11, 2015 till Mar 14, 2018 (Total 916 Days or 130 weeks) After deducting 261 off days, Working days 655
Total Trades: 1334 (Average Trades per day 1334/655 = 2 only) It means, EA has strict entry rules..
Total Lots 9044 (Average Lots per trade 9044/1334 = 6.77 Lots) so average 13.54 Lots per Day
EA used higher lots. Like worst trade was only -9.2 pips and resulted -920$ means it was 10 lot trade

Out of 1334 trades, 58% win, 42% lose. Means EA is using stoploss less strategy like martingale, hedge, grid or recovery zone.
After filtered entry, if trade went wrong, they hedged the trades and closed the sequence at profit, thats why short winning rate is 56% and long winning rate is 59%.

They have withdrawn all money from this account but another account is still running here and all statistics are almost same..

Our learning:
*Holy Grail does exist
*Expert Advisers can survive long term even with low deposit
*Expert Advisers can generate monthly consistently profits
*Traders can trade for living (its possible)
*Martingale/Hedge/Grid works.

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Martingale/Grid/Hedge Lover

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