kik replies to: Hybrid Grid-Automated

Wow Magix you’ve outdone yourself man!

I had a pretty busy weekend, but I managed to find some time late last night to run some back tests and see what this baby can do.

I must say that now there are a lot of settings to play with, and finding the sweet spot setting was challenging. It was also difficult as the max modelling quality you can get on M1 chart for MT4 is 25% which is not very good or reliable. Anyway I ran many many tests, which worked well on some pairs, but blew the account on other pairs. Looking for a well balanced setting that had a good profit/DD ratio was difficult, but I think I found one that should hold up and pull in a good overall profit.

This new version is more complex than v1.2, and I think that after doing many tests and we can find the ideal setting it will be a powerful addition to any account.

I’ve loaded up a new account and new TE, lets see how this baby goes.

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