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Alright peeps, I already called it a week.

I’ve been asked about how to treat an exhausting zone, and how to look for “fresh” untested zones.
I think the Daily Chart is self explaining. All these red Supply zones up there are “fresh”.
The current Demand zone (green) is not fresh, it has been traded multiple times, but here is my rule of how i treat such a zone:
> as long as the price respects a zone or level, I respect it. I don’t need to trade it, but I respect it until it is clearly wiped of all remaining institutional (large size) orders.
Hope this helps.

Here is my D1 (zones and pricelevels)

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and the H4 with the current intraday range (blue)

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keep in mind, anything that comes from larger timeframes is much more reliable.
Happy weekend

We’re all just one trade away from humility

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