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Hi Isabella_D, I am new here and interested in your trading method. Please tell me where in the thread I can start to learn about what you are doing. And could you please share with me the indicator that places the Magenta and green arrows on the chart you just posted. Thank you

Hello hards,
thank you for your interest.
my “trading method” is high risky, see discussion around following Link and my daily list of filled and pending orders, tp … often absent SL ……372&page=57134

My motivation to take part in this thread is to discuss swing/daily deals (distance of “waves”) and method to come to constant profit. Method is mainly swing-trading via correlations.
Follow me/discuss means to know about correlation between development stocks, commodities and fx, time to trade, special risky forms of MM like hedge.
I am not interested in teaching but exchange of like-minded people. Of course – questions are allowed but once more – no teaching.
My indicators are mostly repainting. I use them for a rough limitation only.

Wish you all the best and I am looking forward for your trading decisions.

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