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{quote} hi, sir, you misunderstood my comment I have 9 years training experience and very successful but always willing to learn more but your reply seems very very rude a gentlemen should never reply as such, or maybe you have a bad day. so then my apology to have mentioned such remarque I am not worried just say and follow what you did say from the beginning only show trade with the original template seems to me some of you have a very bad tamper I am shock and very stressed about such reply, so seem to me I am not welcome here I do not believe…

Ellenbrook, you have to understand, there are people here who just wants to trade and not be bogged down by questions that is been previously asked or stated before. Davit and others are tired of it and so am i from reading the same questions. Almost like clockwork actually. Every question you have or new people has have been answered and searching for it is key. The rules with this thread is to only post what is asked on the first page template only. If you have questions if your MT4 does not match up with others, go back and see what went wrong. There are new posts everyday from people who trade this system and try to match their charts without asking the thread for help.

As for welcome or not, that is entirely up to you. This is Davit’s system and thread so he dictates the ebb and flow. Yet those who would question the system without trying it for a period of time holds no bearing for others who wants to learn like me. Worry about yourself first and foremost and test this out on your own, demo or live, i dont care do it. I started reading in January and trading in March, so took nearly 3 months to learn and absorb lots of info just to get a grasp of it. There is discrimination to those who does not read the first post and try to grasp it.

Here is a small tip, well big for me, check out DrforexMD’s pdf compiled. He put Davit’s post into PDF. I read most of them and got a small understanding on pivots. https://www.forexfactory.com/search….archid=4949643

There, did you a small favor. Also your syntax is kinda bad. If you are a Nigerian, then Davit will ban you on the spot. Dont ask why.

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