KUaYa replies to: EA Flashin_Moment

Hi everyone, i got this SYSTEM/EA from some one and i want to put it on here for all to forward test with me in ur respective mt4 broker to see if we generate same results.
Attached is the SYSTEM/EA and it Installation instruction.

This is not a backtestable EA bcos it uses the current market condition of many pairs carrying a single
currency which u cannot get in backtest.
Attached is the Indicator and EA for 1hr chart

1 just put it into the indicator folder, and restart MT4 u dont need to put the indicator into the chart
the indicator name must be as it is no leter should be added to it. ( iCybo_WK1_V1.03m_suffix2 )
2 put the ea into the expert folder
3 set the risk money to 100 for every 1k no SL no TP ea will set that automatically.
4 set the money management MM to true
5 set the risk percent to 0.0
6 set the ea into the 28 different pairs and change the magic number of ea in each chart

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