Kxeroo replies to: Astroforex Course? Shaun Lee $5k to $1Million.


Hello, I was wondering has anyone taken the Astroforex course? Shaun Lee claims to be one of the best forex traders in Birmingham and recently has turned $5k into $600k in 30 days with a real verified track record. What do you guys think? Please share your experiences as I could potentially want to learn from them. I have done my due diligence and 99.9% of their reviews are extremely positive but I have found this 1 negative review which is verified. I am not sure what to do think of it.. I have also found this but there is no solid proof https://forum.technicalforex.com/pos…x-scam-8459418

Questions to be asked:
1) would you bother with people asking a lot of questions, trying to understand how you trade and you spend almost all yiur day trying to explain them when you can turn 5k into 600k in a month?
2) say everything right by the book. Would you call a successful trader a person turning 5k into 600k in a month or a person who would bring a specific percentage gain over the years?
3)How much risk one should take in order to bring such return per month?
4) How can you verify a review?

Dont get me wrong pal but all these are made to fool desperate and greedy people who want to get out of that circle. Trading needs a lot of investment (experience,capital,knowledge) and psychological flexibility.

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