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Today’s trades – going to call it a day and relax. {image}

Can I ask a (no doubt daft) question?

Why are you having to hold trades so long? For instance, nearly two hours to make +1.1 pips on UJ.

I am honestly not trying to be cheeky or wind you up but when I run this (and other scalping of the same ilk), I am in and out in between one and five seconds on a good day.

Today, while sitting waiting for an eye exam appointment, I took four trades on my phone:

GU 1′ 26″ (One minute Twenty-Six seconds)
GU 9″ (Nine seconds)
GU 25″ (Twenty-Five seconds)
DAX 22″ (Twenty-Two seconds)

If I am missing something blatantly obvious or stepping out of line, feel free to slap me about the head.

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