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{quote} guys i’m big fan of this thread but put your money where your mouth is and don’t make a jackass of yourself talking about 1 million in account just for a forex factory trading challenge be a real men and show Fractal Freak is full of shit even £100 will be enough to prove Fractal Freak is lying about being a good trader you 100% look like your running from the challenge maybe Fractal Freak is not the (liar/faker/cheater) you claim him to be if you do not accept the challenge your credibility takes a hit and Fractal Freak credibility will…

i dont know you, because of your text you are a beginner in trading so let you say some sentences to help you with your total wrong statement:

– fractalfreak is a scammer /cheater /faker .. point. that we warn because of this is ok. you can tell me because he isnt, then we have a disussion, but you cant, thats near impossible because he presented only the cheats (even the manipulation part is wrong)
– i trade since decades, i dont trade a 100 euro account for 1 year, i dont have the time for this to invest next to my real trading, and if fractalfreakl would not have faked all, he had enough money and would also not have time to trade such mini mini account, 500k is not really much money to trade if you are a good trader for some time, and this he is telling all the time, each day is horrido with many wins for him (what a fake clown)
– his rules are child rules of a beginner, of ocurse i dont accept stupid idiot rules (maybe you like this rules because you are a beginner, you will learn with time). i trade what o want, not the max or min amount of currencies. i dont post the trades, the result can speak on the end. i dont show my trading system or trades, win, drawdown and equity curve will show all whats needed. if i would be an idiot and sell my strategy i have done allready!
– you have to learn some basics: like you dont have to accept any stupid challenge (really, learn this in live or you will not live very good), and if the challenge is with stupid rules, change the rules to usefull rules. your words sound like, if you dont do the challenge you cant speak any more – when you really live this words, your live is so problematic, because anyone could challenge you or let you be silent against all, funny then to get you down with anything!

next time think first before you write such stupid statement, or ask about some reasons why someone doing it,. you dont have the experience to see who is scammer (at least your text sound so) so think about learn the basics first, it helps a lot in all parts of trading and also to see who can trade and you fakes it!

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