leweg1 replies to: Prop firms offering retail traders trading accounts -Risk free

Nice thread, subscribed, this is a good collection of funding opportunities to keep in mind for the future.

Regarding the monthly payments, it really shouldn’t be a problem to monthly make and spend 100-200-300 dollars on a 25k-150k account, if you are profitable on it. And also considering you are already trading and growing your own money as well, which is free. And you can also get friends or investors to invest in your trading (although a private person will definitely ask for 50-50, just as these companies). Who turns down free, extra money? It is not like trading becomes any more difficult or different with more money, so who cares?

A person can apply to all of the prop firms over time, trade other people’s money and trade his own. This all comes down to the same thing, as other things in life. If one can perform well (trade in this case) over time more and more doors will open, if one can’t, none will.

There is also a possibility to stop trading with a specific company if over time you discover, that they try to scam you or something.

I must say though, I’m sceptical with their training material as well, or the ones forcing you to exclusively learn and trade their own strategy. I also don’t like that many of them don’t allow having a trade open overnight.

Price and volume reveals everything. The market moves on supply and demand.

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