leweg1 replies to: Waddah Attar Win EA


{quote} I agree. I hope someone does modify it and includes trading hour option so we cant permanently disable it during news hours and low volume hours. I have requested this change in another forum where I have been a member since many years. If someone modifies it there I will post it here. I have also thought to just place it on 1 chart and increase lot size maybe gbpjpy. Let’s see

What it needs is news feed from FF, so ea can see high impact news coming, stop trades 45mins before close all trades (win or lose) and then restart after 45mins of news passing.

My thought hedging it between other pairs was a brilliant idea, you started with USDJPY; GBPUSD; GBPJPY in your first post which i used and then added EURCHF; EURUSD and USDCHF into the mix, i think with right money management and hedging between the pairs and a news filter this’ll be a good EA

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