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Week 34
Only traded 4 days this week. Had to skip the Wednesday session due to some meetings.
– 7 trades (-141)
– 2 winners
– 4 losers
– 1 B/E
– Traded 2 contracts on Mon/Tue/Thu, but had to scale down to 1 on Fri.
– On Mon/Tue/Thu I entered on limit orders and on Fri on decision candles.
– Demo trading

Made some dumb mistakes. Comments are on the charts. Please feel free to criticize or provide feedback.

Improvements for next week
– Only enter on decision candles. No more limit orders.
– Determine an expectation for a correction based on projection, momentum and depth and wait for this expectation to play out.
– Stick to the order flow that you are trading. Don’t switch to longer or shorter term order flows over the course of a trading session.
– Wait for price to develop. If price is in a complex correction for a longer period, be patient and wait for a break of the NSH/NSL or LH/HL.
– Anything my fellow traders give me feedback on.

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