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Saturday, April 7th, 2018 09:45

Hello my FF Friends,

This is just a personal Journal to post my Charts developed from blending the works Masters of Forex trading – Cigarguy, Davit and Nial Fuller. I have borrowed their methods of Professional Forex Trading on the M1 – M15 TFs with Price Action and Harmonics using the Oanda V2.

Despite the title of this Thread, I have decided to include analyzing the H1 TF as well as Harmonics with the Pivots, ADR, multiTF directions and PVSRA – so, it with be H1-WK TFs that I will analyze and trade on the GMT+2 Oanda V2 platform with the above indicators and TFs as indicated.

You are welcome anytime to ask questions and exchange your ideas here. But, please do not expect too much as I am also busy scalping on the lower M1-M15 TFs and placing them on my other thread using the Oanda Classic GMT-5 on

However, I will also be scalping, but on these higher TFs . Very small trades with a soft SL of approximately 300-500 Pips as I do on the lower TFs with great success – that I do not fear to loose if I have a good set-up at the extreme locations of 61-100% Fibs for a greater likelihood of a swing reversal.

I welcome you to join me as long as you follow the basic rules of Forexfactory conduct with respecting others including myself.

And, as always, I would like to thank the FF owners and staff, as well as the brilliant FF coders for making this possible !

All the best and be Blessed to all !


My first charts here:

“What Goes Up, Must Come Down.” I. Newton

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