littlehelper replies to: Weekly Pivot trading with TDI

Nice Job OP Ive been following Davits Pivots for a while now on and off & have to say it really is a great road map for finding opportunities within areas of interest (Pivots). Personally for entry I use a combination of D,4hr, for simplified visual structure PA, 15m – 30m TF for entry. EW theory with some harmonics. All the while paying attention to TDI & ADR. Fundamentals I use to look ahead for impact news that may affect my setups or that may affect a trade I may be currently in. I pay attention to oil with regards to USD & like to look at trading news between China/Asia with regards to import/export with Australia if trading AUD pairs. Mark Douglas is the way forward in terms of additional understanding of the markets as your edge cannot be realised until a number of trades with your method, money management and discipline factored in have played out.
My account has grown 3 fold due to good money management and win ratio 69%.
My account is under £2000 but moving in the right direction and due to this system I feel in control.

Good luck to all, this takes time and patience to get right but pivots to me are the best clarity you can get for seeing potential opportunities!!!!

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