llxx77dd replies to: Forex – A negative sum game for losers


Hi all What can I say, you will find as many opinions and systems as there are traders. regrettably there are more losers than winners, but then as somebody said earlier the winners do not normally brag about their winnings. We have all experienced spikes etc, etc. The trick is to overcome these things by knowing how the other party trade, obviously that takes a lot of work. If I make any suggestions here I will face a bombardment of opposing opinions, mostly why what I am doing is wrong in somebodies opinion. One thing is certain, I do not feel…

good argument, but funny for you, that you really know that you have with hedging same like with stopout/stoploss, only more expansive (in most way). so to mention that people know this is stupid. thats normal thats this is mentioned when someone use hedging and think is not same then stopout/stoploss, only more complicated. and this is 100% objective, nothing you can say can change anything in this, its simple basic math logic and total basic of trading.

so telling the people not to use a stoploss is the biggest reason for losing (whats a big stupid opinion of beginners normally) is funny, when you same time have always a stoploss with your hedge trade, you only call it different but all is same. you really need first to learn the basics (trading and math) before you write so much text, that is opposite to what you say and is really really looking funny. you are extrem misleading with this big mistakes, because maybe some beginner will believe in this bullshit and dont see your extrem mistakes and how funny wrong your text is!

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