longpips replies to: Prop firms offering retail traders trading accounts -Risk free


{quote} So let me guess we should all stop trading the CHF lol. Please go and learn to trade.

While it was pegged, yes?

In fact any pegged currency is dangerous to trade. When the peg is removed, then the volatility happens. It’s a predictable crash. You don’t know when, just that there is a high probability that it will crash when the peg is removed.

Trading CHF now while it’s not pegged, I’m not sure. There are plenty of other trading opportunities without even considering CHF. Maybe when I can see SNB keep it’s finger off CHF for 5 or more years, then we’ll see.

Why, do you also think that it was safer to trade CHF when it was pegged? Perhaps you have more confidence than me.

Oh well, I’m going to bed. Hope you learned something, and no hard feelings.

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