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{quote} Thank you AKT for your quick response to my post, i really appreciate it.But i still have questions on your respones,please bear with me.{image} i would like to know if you consider the zones i selected valid{image} this is for NZDUSD{image} Thank you for your patience..

Hello Diddyy

No worries.

As for the audcad, I saw the zone you were referring to. What i was trying to point out to you is that you can’t ignore the large wick and try to use the zone you identified, which omitted that wick.

As for the NZDUSD, on the daily chart, the “doji” is not entirely of much relevance to the identification of a zone. That zone is a rbr dz as pointed out, regardless of the candlestick formation. As you know, the shorter time spent at a level, the better.

Hope that helps

best wishes

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