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{quote} Sooo… one year has gone since you tryed to be an smart ass… How has $TSLA $FB $AMZN $NFLX gone since then?? Tesla is in 0 FB is up 17% amazon up 85% Netflix up 125% This Equals= 56,75% in one year…. How is your forex trading going? I am telling you once again, stocks are way easier…

This is hindsight information , hind sight results not traded with real money. Hindsight is everything.
If you only made 50 % imaginary profits, on imagined profits, then I can tell you I made imaginary 775 % in a year on Apple.

buying an option for 120 calls would have cost $4 for 3 months = $124 entry .Now price is $155 , $31 profit or 775% over 6 months , assuming option rolled into cash

You should retire if you only made 50%.

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