loozers replies to: Successful traders are very, very rare to find


{quote} Agree that. If it is rising, I really don’t know where the money to be printed from to those profitable one.

Every trader knows this. So they keep silence.

What I know there is someone that able to trade 100% winning rate. He has already shared his methodology somewhere. Not in one piece but many bites in one basket.

Many has already taste that methodology and feel the euphoria. Cause this.
100% winning trade
1:30 risk reward is just common. Some of them get 1:140 risk reward ratio.
Works on every timeframe. Of course tick chart.
They still trade with 2%.
What they get in a month.
They always expect 1000%.

But they realize forex is zero sum game.
So they tend to silence. And the starter too.
I look the thread today. It’s just stuck there and going down covered with indicator, system and EA.

Yes the methodology is price action but not candlestick patern. But something else.

My trading skill is from people’s kindness.

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