loozers replies to: TOP 100 best edges on forex charts: post good edges here

I will make a list: top 100 best edges on forex charts.

So please post good edges in this thread.

Good edges are considered:
– stimulating your perspective in the market
– any trader should know about and should have seen at least once
– getting inspiration for your own system
– (naturally, I don’t consider a good edge: profitable in trading. The purpose of this thread is solely increasing our mindset and depth in the market by analysing different kind of edges.)(Note: a losing strategy of 90% loss to 89%)

List of good edges:


List of great websites to read about forex edges
1. The number 1 website every trader should definitely know is the new version of Forex TSD (mladen) which is https://forex-station.com/viewtopic….8480&t=8430755 . (Recommended)

Thread 101-rules:
– Let’s make an interesting thread like this: * What is an edge: https://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=161214

Hello reader, welcome to the discussion.

– What do you consider an edge?
–> me: consistent and positive (research) expectancy.
–> your opinion

– What forex myths are not considered an edge?
–> me: crossovers, divergences
–> your opinion

– How can one find an edge?
–> me:
– by reading charts 1 year 8 hours a day. It does help to view charts in different perspectives (using indicators, grids, visuals, a link). Do you agree?
– by finding reference points in the market and obtain a ton of statistics based on those points. Or are some edges non-statistics based, in your opinion?
– Here’s the paradox: You need to know what you’re looking for before you can find it. But, how do you know what to look for? That’s why, in my own case, I’m looking to the market itself – rather than criss-crosses on the surfaces of charts. Do you agree?
– simple advantages like trading from Wednesday 0:01AM instead of 0:00AM already gives you a 1% edge. Everyone that is reading this thread knows about this edge, but please note, that this is also considered an edge. So everyone here will be able to contribute because we all have gained various edges in our experience, no matter how small.
–> your opinion

– There are 100s of edges. Do you agree that some edges can be found on naked charts, and others not?
–> me: yes
–> your opinion

Edges explained:

– What types of edges exist?
1. increase win rate
2. increase the average reward per win
3. increase frequency of trades

– What kinds of edges exist?
1. edges for ranged market, trend market, small reversal, momentum, timing, slopes, visuals, risk management, Market Structure & Orderflow, Pairs Correlations
– Edges exists of:
1. technical edges (computer with high CPU, knowledge of hotkeys, knowledge of adjusting your code, semi EA over manual, three ISPs)
2. forex chart edges
3. additional visuals
4. additional resources (psychological, independent feed data, tools (news feeds) and information)

Edge or bust?
Please tell your opinion if you think these edges are correct or a myth buster. How can you check if an edge is not just random luck?

Will this give an edge?
1. 1-2 risk reward (or rather 30:1)
2. Slow lotsize technique #1 (add lotsize if previous trade hits SL, remove 0.01 lotsize if previous trade hits TP
3. trade in the direction of the main trend
4. Sell LL, buy HH
5. market profile
6. Averaging

My opinion:
1. Bust
2. Correct
3. Correct
4. Correct
5. Correct
6. Correct

You can use this template to reply:
Your opinion about edges, is:
1. Correct/Bust
2. Correct/Bust
3. Correct/Bust
4. Correct/Bust
5. Correct/Bust
6. Correct/Bust

Let’s make an interesting thread. If you’d like to see more interesting threads of this series:
– TOP 100 best indicators: https://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=767254
– TOP 100 best EAs: https://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=811119

Maybe you, with your vast experience could solve the questions. Everyone in this thread will benefit from it. We appreciate it a lot!

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